Engergy Efficiency

Promotion of energy efficiency

The main objective under this component is to contribute to ensure that communities having access to energy uses it as efficiently as possible, thereby minimizing costs and impact on the environment.  

Activities under this component focus on 2 main aspects: promotion of fixed improved cook stoves and promotion of good quality efficient lighting appliances.

A collaboration with HELVETAS Vietnam helped to introduce a model of fixed improve cook stoves adapted to the needs of large families cooking for themselves and their animals. After several rounds of construction tests and improvements, the current model being promoted seems to be appreciated by the users and to lead to not insignificant wood savings and reduction of indoor air pollution. A subsidy mechanism was developed to make these stoves affordable for the majority. Fuelwood being mainly free in Laos, villagers are usually reluctant to make high investments to save wood since the return on investment in not directly in terms of money.

Promotion of good quality energy efficient appliances came from the realization that improving access to energy in rural areas could also lead to increase expenses if energy especially electricity is wasted and cheap appliances requiring frequent replacement are used. A series of tools including a poster, presentation, play, demonstration board with digital meter etc. where developed to raise awareness on the importance to save energy and use good quality appliances. Electronic ballasts were purchased and distributed by local companies with a small subsidy from the project. School teachers were trained to raise awareness of their pupils on these important issues. New ways are now being explored to continue this important work and reach more villagers, especially those about to be electrified to make srue that they can start to use from the beginning good quality appliances.



1st generation of fixed improved cook stoves      Pupils studying an energy efficiency poster